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Golden Dreams thumbnail
Golden Dreams eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Catherine Harvey

Lancashire 1895. Lillian Hesketh has taken a new name and a brave step towards a happier life. Sudde..

You Are My Sunshine thumbnail
You Are My Sunshine eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

Kay Duffield's fiancé is about to leave the country and her own duty with the WAAF is imminent when..

Beyond the Distant Hills thumbnail
Beyond the Distant Hills eAudiobook
AnneMarie Brear / Caroline Lennon

Australia 1853. Settled in the colony Ellen is determined to make a happy new life for her family an..

Dublin's Girl thumbnail
Dublin's Girl eAudiobook
Eimear Lawlor / Deirdre O’Connell

1917. A farm girl from Cavan Veronica McDermott is desperate to find more to life than peeling potat..

Paula's Way thumbnail
Paula's Way eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Taryn Ryan

An unexpected inheritance is most people's dream but not so for Paula. She's happy and secure in Wes..

The Girl I Used to Be thumbnail
The Girl I Used to Be eAudiobook
Debbie Howells / Geri Allen & Toby Webster

Anna and Will have been passing in and out of each other's lives since they were just kids._x000D_No..

Gifts For Our Time thumbnail
Gifts For Our Time eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

Germany 1939: Christa Sommer boards the Kindertransport unsure that she'll ever see her parents agai..

A Brighter Day Tomorrow thumbnail
A Brighter Day Tomorrow eAudiobook
Pam Evans / Annie Aldington

Despite air raids and rationing in wartime London sisters Liz and Dora Beck find time for fun and la..

The Liverpool Matchgirl thumbnail
The Liverpool Matchgirl eAudiobook
Lyn Andrews / Julie Maisey

Liverpool 1901. The Tempest family is barely able to put food on the table. When Florrie falls ill w..

One Quiet Woman thumbnail
One Quiet Woman eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Anne Dover

Leah Turner's father has been killed in an accident at the laundry and it falls to her to become sol..

Dance Your Troubles Away thumbnail
Dance Your Troubles Away eAudiobook
Pam Evans / Annie Aldington

When Polly Pritchard learns that her husband has been killed in action she brings up their young dau..

One Perfect Family thumbnail
One Perfect Family eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Anne Dover

Lancashire 1934. When Tam Crawford is unexpectedly bequeathed some money he can finally realise his ..

The Gambling Man thumbnail
The Gambling Man eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Simon Mattacks

Rory Connor was a gambling man and he had a gambler's luck. From the day he was born his mother had ..

The Rose Queen thumbnail
The Rose Queen eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

1938. Cadi is chosen to be Rose Queen in the annual Rose Fete. She is thrilled but deep down she is ..

The Cinder Path thumbnail
The Cinder Path eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

The cinder path which led from the Northumberland farmhouse would always symbolise defeat for Charli..